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chicago hoopfest (july 10th-12th, 2021)

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Event details:

Girls Only. Grades 7th – 12th Grade Divisions. All Levels.

Guaranteed 5 games.

*Will be applying for NCAA Certification…Please note coaches and players must follow all
NCAA guidelines to play in this tournament
Don’t fall for the $700-$800-$900 entry fee tournaments you see in July. You can get exposure
for all your players on all levels.

1 Team: $450
2-3 Teams: $350
4 Teams or more: $300

*All Games will be streamed*
Please note and plan accordingly.
1. Games will tip off at 3pm. Every team will play 1 game on July 10th
2. Every team will play 2 games on July 11th . Games tip off at 8am.
3. Every team will play 2 games on July 12th . Games tip off at 8am
4. Very last games tip off at 7:15pm on July 12th

Southland Center – 10 Courts
10 Southland Drive.
Lynwood, IL 60411


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  7. 6. Select your Team(s) and Payment Method.


registration directions for Existing User


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  3. 3.Click Register for Event(s) and find the event and click Register.