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End of the Road (August 22nd-23rd, 2020)

Recruitify is our partner for team  registration. To better serve you, please contact them directly at (984) 444-9187 for any questions or help with registration.

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Direct Cell: 607-738-2445 

Event Details

All Games will take place at:
The Factory D1 (3 Courts)
6331 Crawfordsville Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46224

Every team will play 2 games Saturday and 2 games Sunday.

Schedule will be updated on
Exposure Events App: https://basketball.exposureevents.com/152893/end-of-the-road

Team coaches must submit player waiver at team check in. Team check in will take place before
your first game. Team check in will take place on site at the D1 Factory

Covid Policies: Fans, Players and Coaches are to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your
scheduled game time. The State of Indiana has a spectator limit of 250 in the building at one
time. If you arrive earlier and the gym is at capacity just know that you have to wait outside. We
will NOT start your game without you. We have buffer time built into the schedule.

There will be one entrance into the building and one designated exit. Please utilize all sanitizer stations as
well. All FANS, COACHES, PLAYERS must wear a mask to enter the building. Fans will
have to keep their mask on at all times. No Exceptions! When Coaches and Players arrive on
the court they may take their mask off to play. The facility is providing a COVID cleaning crew
on site to clean and sanitize the building the whole time we are there.

Spectators may purchase on site a tournament pass ($35) or a one day pass ($20). Kids 14 and
under are FREE.
All games will be streamed with: PassThaBall 
If parents or grandparents cannot make it as a spectator that is fine, they can purchase the
streaming here: https://www.passthaball.com/page/show/5881292-end-of-the-road

registration directions for New User 

  1. 1. Click the red ‘Create Account’ button at the bottom. Complete the form to create an organization account.
  2. Creating an account will allow you to register for multiple events, without having to fill out multiple registration forms.
  3. 2. Complete the form. Once complete, click Save Team.
  4. 3. After saving, if you need to create more than one team click Add Team in the top, right-hand corner.
  5. 4. To register your team(s) for an event, click Register for Events(s).
  6. 5. Find the event and click Register.
  7. 6. Select your Team(s) and Payment Method.

registration directions for Existing User 

  1. 1. If you are an existing user and have already created an organization account with recruitify, enter your username and password to login.
  2. 2. Once you are logged in, select the team(s) you are registering. 
  3. 3. If you need to add a new team click My Teams and then Add Team in the top, right-hand corner.
  4. 4. Click Register for Event(s) and find the event and click Register.